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Friday, January 21, 2011


For the reader whom I have the misfortune of living down the hall from (and occasionally working with),

You creeper. When I said go read some work-related blogs, I didn't mean mine.

I named this blog when I thought my EMS career would be heading towards paramedicine, rather than back to working on a Bachelor's degree. After that, I kept the name to help keep an illusion of anonymity. Keeping you all confused as to what I actually was totally worked, right? Not. And it just sounded nice. :)

But I'm all growed up now and your reasoning makes sense. I like being an EMT-B.

So fine. You win. Name downgrade in the immediate future. Or as soon as I figure out all the logistics. Or on my 1-year blog anniversary next month. Or I'll just change the title/my name and not the URL, cause I'm awesome like that.

PS: Now I definitely have to upgrade my license at some point. Just to mess with you.

...and you'll get your blackmailing extortionist cookies when I get home tomorrow.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

You Know You've Been Working Too Much Overtime When...

You have dreams about cardiac rhythms and EKG strips.

You forget the number of the truck you're driving while talking on the radio. Repeatedly.

You spend an entire shift convincing an elderly patient to go to the hospital.

You fall asleep in the back of the truck while your partner is in the ER writing their report, and they spend 15 minutes looking for you.

You start believing that the weather knows when you pick up overtime shifts, because that's the only time it snows.

2/3 of your Christmas presents were EMS related.

You clean your ambulance every shift change. You haven't cleaned your own car since you bought it.

You 'borrowed' a shirt from the spares box so you could put off doing laundry for another two days.

If someone recorded clips of your partners' snoring, you could name each one of them and what stage of the sleep cycle they were in.