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Sunday, August 8, 2010


So it's that magical time of year where I realize my EMT license expires next spring, and I ought to get a preemptive start on doing my refresher.

Obviously, this involves an epic choice between recertifying in Massachusetts vs. recertifying in New York. :)

New York EMT licenses last for 3 years. Refreshing in New York City involves Challenge Exams (similar to the normal state practical), and then 3-4 months of classes. You're required to attend the ones regarding the sections that you did badly on during the Challenge. Then you get a final exam.

Massachusetts EMT licenses last for 2 years. Refreshing requires 28 CMEs and a 24 hour refresher class. You can do all of the CMEs and 18 of those 24 hours online.

The 3 year thing is really tempting. When I got my original Massachusetts license reciprocated by New York, they went according to the date on my Massachusetts license. So both of my licenses expire in the spring of 2011, 2 years after I got certified.

But I'm moving back to Massachusetts in 28 days, so a refresher class in New York isn't exactly practical.

And, little known fact:

I LOVE ONLINE CMES. Even if I didn't need them to recertify, I'd still be doing them.

EMCert.com, my personal favorite and the place where I have a 1 year subscription :)





  1. How do the online CME's work? Do you find that you still get as much of a "refresher" as you would if they weren't online?

    P.S. Just came across your blog from AD's page...I like it!

  2. They definitely hold my attention better than traditional refreshers, since they're more specialized and cover topics I'm not as familiar with (i.e. courses on alcohol withdrawal or trauma in pregnant patients) rather than just a review of everything I learned in tech school. The only downside is that not all of the websites forward the certificates you earn to your respective state agency, so you have to print them out and snail mail them to receive credit.

    ps- thank you! :)