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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So You Thought Your Job Was Dangerous...

We all have some type of cellphone tower within our areas. This video was shot in the USA, and yes, he is free climbing for most of this, against OSHA regulations (ignore what the video says). And it's called a Guyed Tower, not a "Gided Tower".

But how would you respond if he had a medical emergency while properly secured at 1,768 feet? Or got hit by lightning at 1,768 feet? Or had a partial fall from 1,768 feet while secured, which resulted in a spinal injury? What if he hit his partner on the way down and you now have 2 patients?

Tower workers go through training for how to rescue one another at those heights. That guy holding the red tool bag is going to be your point man if anything were to happen to his partner. From what you can see, they travel light, so they won't have much medical equipment readily available. Does anyone do interdepartmental training with their local tower workers? Do your departments have protocols for how to handle these scenarios?

Personally, that's when I call the boys with the big red trucks. They have ladders bigger than the Empire State Building, right?

There's a good discussion about the technicalities of these towers HERE.


  1. No lie - I have always wanted to climb one of those. You say it's dangerous, but I think they make it significantly more dangerous than it needs to be. Sure, free climbing is fun...but it's not safe. Anyone that climbs would agree with that; we're just generally a daft bunch that do it anyways.

  2. Just watching that video is giving me vertigo. I'd carry a parachute.