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Sunday, February 7, 2010

SAINTS = WIN!!!!! Just because I played varsity soccer in high school doesn't mean I can't appreciate football. Similar overall goal. Just you're allowed to hit people more. :D

I was definitely not out partying, though. :( I came home from work AND FINISHED MY ONLINE FEMA TRAINING. :) Finally. Sheesh. That deserves a celebration in itself.

I'm not sure how other states work in terms of this training. I originally got my EMT-B license in Massachusetts, and New York State reciprocated it when I moved back here to work as an EMT on-site for the theater. My new employer sent me a letter along with my job offer stating that I had to complete FEMA training according to NYS DOH requirements for all EMT's and Paramedics, so I'm assuming it's a standardized statewide thing.

It makes total sense, particularly working in NYC. Our potential for big incidents and need for multi-agency cooperation is way more than other regions.

Conclusion? The National Incident Management System and Incident Command Systems are TOTALLY AWESOME. I just learn better hands-on, through observation. So I've got the jist of it down, but I'd like to see it in action. Totally working into my eventual goals of international disaster relief management.

Yes, yes I am a dork. You know what else is really cool? Drip irrigation systems in rural farming. Especially when you add fertilizer. And then you get...FERTIGATION.

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